i like red everything and my friends get really anoyed at that they just say:"Skip the F***in text already!!" and "You actually read all this???"
but really i dont explore the overworld much only dungeons cause i hate gettin stuck!! But at the start of WW there is a lot of crap to read that is anoying cause u can't skip it!! soooo much crap about the legend and so on and "teachin u to do rolls and stuff! we already F***in no how to do that now can we skip this???? (sorta like the start of banjo-kazzooie u got to choose to take the tutorial or not) but eh? watta ya gunna do about it?

My friends get anyoed that on sleepovers when its late and where still up playin that i flick the control stick to fast in Super Smash and it goes "click really loudly but thats just cause i smash attack nearly every single attack

wao in one post i mentioned three games.