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    Quote Originally Posted by the_peripheral
    If you pre-order from walmart.com or bestbuy.com, they are shipping the items out a few days early...but i had to pay 8 dollars extra in order to get it on this friday. I ended up paying 62.77 for it. but knowing for sure that i'm going to get the game was worth 8 extra dollars.
    No offence to you but i find that unfair if you can pay 8 bucks more to get it a couple days early then why can't we aussie do the same to get it, say 18 days earlier well maybe not that many but like a week would surfice for me

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    The Wii and TP comes out this Sunday! Yahoo! I haven't preordered anything yet! Yaho-wait... NOOOO!! Time is flying before my eyes so quickly that I have overlooked the reservations. With my luck I'm probably going to have to wait till...'07. Unless... no never mind.
    Zant was sure as hell not what or who I thought he was. He is officially the psychopath of the Legend of Zelda franchise.

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    I have already paid mines off. 5 days left.
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