"GamePro contributor Bones got a few hasty minutes with Nintendo Senior Vice President George Harrison, and revealed a few Twilight Princess secrets in the process.

Note: this is a rush transcript based on hand-written notes.

GP: How long is Twilight Princess?

Harrison: There are 70+ hours of gameplay -- it's significantly longer than Windwaker.

GP: What sorts of online features are you looking forward to in the future?

Harrison: Downloadable content, such as additional levels.

GP: Any plans for any type of post-release online component for Twilight Princess?

Harrison: I haven't heard of anything yet. I think everyone is still busy trying to make sure the game gets out correctly."

Well I'm glad Nintendo never makes claims that it has no intention of following through on.
I want my new levels damn it.

PS I'm aware that this was never going happen. I just think it's a humorous find.
Also, I'm not sure if he was talking about Zelda