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    Second shipment! now I need Zelda help

    Yes, the second shipment gods blessed me today and I finally got my Wii. Everyting is pretty much what I expected, great, except for the remote speaker. It sounds terrible, its annoying and a couple of times the remote has been close to head and the trebble is ear peircing. Can you turn it down? If not I might put some tape on it. I only bought one game, Zelda and I already need some help. I played for a few hours and got to the point where Im a wolf and need to get the sword and shield. I got the shield but I wasn't reading the captions and missed where the sword is. All I know is that its on a sofa but I don't know where the sofa is.

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    Congrats on getting the console, you're one of the lucky few

    Im moving this to the Zelda forum - you'll get a better response there.

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    you go the house to the right of where you hit down the bee hive. a guy is there gaurding, you go around on the right side of the house i believe and dig and you will get into the house.

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