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    *spoiler* about the 3rd armor

    Ok so I dunnio what the deal is, but to get the magic armor your suppose to pay the guys in malo mart 1000 rupees, and then another 2000 rupees. Then you can buy the magic armor for close to 600.

    Well After the original 1000 they told me they needed 2000 more...yet then I went and put the mirror back together then warped back to kark village, and this time they only asked for 200....

    No idea why.

    Oh and

    Spoiler Alert!
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    I think its supposed to be like there were other contributions to the fund not just link's that go it down to 200, if you need cash the quickest way I found is to just go to the desert challenge cave and fight till you have enough, save and quit, reload and your back to the outside.
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