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    Might help if IGN actually play the game!

    So I found this article last night and thought.... are they serious? Have a read: http://uk.wii.ign.com/articles/119/1192308p1.html

    In short, it's an article pretty much trashing the Zelda games against Skyrim. Which I usually would say 'everyone is entitlted to an opinion'. However it is this bit which made me think, have IGN not actually play OoT?

    As cool as it is to get new tunics, what if changing those colors, and perhaps all armor and accessories, was a routine part of the game? Maybe different outfits could alter some of Link's core attributes like health or speed?
    Correct me if I am wrong -
    Green = Normal
    Blue = Breath like a fish!
    Red = Heathproof!

    Anywho, thought I would share as it made me quite confused !!

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    IGN: a bunch of bigots. If they say something stupid, it's because they're stupid.

    "... core attributes like health or speed"

    Link's focus has never been speed in the sense of running speed, aside from a few items used to get around in a few zelda games. And indeed, as ya mentioned, Link's had plenty of clothing/tunics that change how much he's damaged, and even make him invincible.

    So, yeah... IGN stupid.
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