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Thread: Errors!

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    Have you ever experienced any problem or an error during the game?

    I just had one, here it goes:

    When those things that open the portal, and you have to kill them in wolf form holding down the B button, then its like a wall created, and 2 of them are up the wall, and 1 is the other side, the problem I had was that instead of been 2 in the first part, there was one, and in the second part it was the other just walking towards the wall, he couldn't do anything else, so I just let me be killed by one of them, and then everything went great.

    Maybe some of you have experienced some errors during the game, so this is the time to post them!

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    i've notived alot of shading bugs in the game i dont really know how to explain it, like when the sun is going down in the game in hyrule field the shading goes all wierd and starts flashing dark and light pieces of the texture( like dark and light grass) i dont know if anyone else has noticed this or not, or when im close to an object i nthe first town and i zoom in with the C button it gets a little buggy

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