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    *Plot Spoilers* Read i guess if you have finished the game. *Plot Spoilers*

    i might have read to fast while playing the game, or just missed something or forgotten all together. Why did the sages send Ganon to the Twilight Realm and not to the scared realm? How did Ganon become a God/demi-God in Twili? I know Zant and Ganon were connected, Zant can only be killed if Ganon was defeated, but did it work the other way around also? cause Zant looked like he broke his own neck and then Ganon eyes went white and he "died" or did Ganon kill Zant before he "died"? and there probably be more question later

    thanks in advance!

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    I don't remember why the Realm(s) thingy... but about the neck of Zant, it was because when they met, Ganondorf told him that ANY desire Zant had will be Ganondorf's too.. so, at the end of the game, Ganondorf wasnt really dead with your sword inside (kind-of) so Zant's spirit appear and "WISH" to kill Ganondorf and that's why he broke his neck (in desire, for Ganondorf to do so)

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    good question about the sacred realm, i think he was in the sacred realm but maybe the Sages put him the Prison and i think the Sages were going to do something to him but they forgot that he had the Triforce of Power and thats how he broke his chains killed one of the sages and stoled the sword of light, and the sages had to open the twilight realm and put him in there, because they were scared that he could once again destroy Hyrule, they even told Link and midna that they shouldnt of released him from the sacred realm at the first place, and also shouldnt of put him in the twilight realm. So basically it was the Sages fault for all the problems that they almost costs.

    but i still think ganon didnt die in this game yet.

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