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Thread: TP Moments

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    TP Moments

    Post your TP moments here

    Favorite: The Temple of Time Miniboss
    Worst: Sky Temple
    Hardest: ZANT!!!
    Easiest: All the game!

    Favorite: I liked that miniboss, easy but my favorite sword battle
    Worst: I didn't like it
    Hardest: In the whole game I hadn't lost a single heart. Zant made me lose a whole life. But of when I found how to beat him I kicked his Twilight @$$ with ease
    Easiest: Well, I didn't find anything hard in the game

    BTW: I've been hearing that many people were having a hard Time at the sky temple boss. How did you do this!! He was the easiest boss after the Forest one
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    Favorite: The Ice Temple boss
    Worst: none really
    Hardest: none really, probably side quests?
    Easiest:temple of time boss

    favorite: this whole boss fight scene looked soo good imho and it reminded me of one of the bosses in LttP where you have to knock the person into the light

    easiest: this boss is like the exact same as the FIRST boss in OoT

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