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    beat the game have them all :P now i dont know what to do, although all the reviews said there is endless things to do, after getting all the heart pieces (way to easy with the fortune teller) the bugs ( with the jingle also way to easy to find) and the fish and poes i really cant find anything else to do >.< Is there anything else to do that i have missed perhaps? i have the magic armor, ive beaten rollgoll up to its highest level and have all the item upgrades, oh and cave of ordeals is done, and sadly i only clocked up 50 hours... so yeah if anyone knows anything ive missed let me know

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    I found the cave in spirit pond and got the heart piece. But the Fortune teller keeps mentioning it. I was under the impression that after you did that she sent ya somewhere else. Is this the teller you guys talking about for getting all the heart pieces?

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