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Thread: Poes Gift

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3mpathy
    Yeah same ocdan other than the cave of odeals it doesnt really have much purpose. The game has lots of items but so many of them i never touched. eg, the bomchu walk on there own bombs... i mean whats the point with bomb arrows, the underwater bombs where pretty useless other than in the dungeon... the hawkeye was alright but not that great, but most of the items where just use in the dungeon and thats about it, the game needed more fun items like the double claw shots and ball and chain :P personaly i liked being able to carry around sticks and deku nuts etc.. and hell yeah no power gloves makes baby jesus cry
    -Bomchu's I used against the baby spiders in the Temple of Time boss battle
    -Bomb arrows I used outside of Kariko village (i think) to just across a path before the bridge into Hyrule feild
    -Hawkeye was pretty useful in the Hidden Village, and is my favorite add-on to the bow, I love to snipe
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    Yeah bomb arrows are great, but i felt they kinda made the bomchus useless, i mean you CAN use them on the spiders but its not like there any harder if you just do a spin >.<, hawkeye like i said was alright, but its not something thats to useful since its a zelda game and not splintercell lol, the arrow fights are so much funner whenthe enemy is actualy close enuf to shoot back.

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