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    Advice On Something ~

    Alright before i start - I just want to say this : Please no immature people, No people who would go -Ewwww or hahaha or something stupid. To me this is serious matter between my relationship and my friend.

    Okay now to the point
    See i know this person who knows this person that likes me, She is too shy to tell me who she is but i have a few hints that she is indeed one of my friends. She is scared that i say No if she asks me out. If i know this person i am afraid that my relation ship as a friend with her will be lost if I supposedly say no or if i know who she is, my friend is prepared to tell me who it is(and so is the the girl who wants to ask me out), It would be really akward if i do know because then we would act different in front of each other. Now what am i to do? Should i go ahead and see who this person is. Or what :S This action could pose a threat to my relationship but if it does turn out well then it could be great somewhat.

    Anyone willing to advise me on what i should do :S
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    Ok, so A) I didn't quite understand that and

    B) Find out who she is. And then decide how much you value you're friendship with her. If you would like to pursue a relationship with her further, then go ahead. If you don't want to risk losing her as a friend, tell her this

    "Okay, (insert name here), I do like you. But, I like being just your friend. Not that I wouldn't want to go out with you, but I don't want to risk losing you as a friend. I don't want things to be awkward between us. So just because I don't want to go out with you doesn't mean I don't like you. It's the fact that I like you that I don't want to go out with you...If you understand that."

    You can add you're own little flare in there. And if you don't know her than go ahead and decide if you like her or not and go out with her or not. And if it works out, invite me to the wedding lol.

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    Well, do you have a means of talking to this person? Namely if you don't know who they are and they're talking to you, I'm guessing they're doing something like leaving notes at your locker or another act of the anonymity sort?

    If you have a way to actually talk to that person without them giving away who they are, then you should talk to them and say that you cannot really know what to do, without knowing the main piece of information: Who this whole thing is revolving around. We know it revolves around you, but it also goes around the area of a mysterious other that you can't really pin a definite yes or no to.

    That's obviously just the problem in point... But you just have to stress to them that unless you know who you're dealing with, there is never going to be a certain answer.

    Good luck. =)
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