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    Quote Originally Posted by LyricistSoldier
    Wii17 LEADER

    wow thats an insane amount of batteries
    yes i played for 7 days straight and constantly with my gf when she is here well not constantly the batteries i use only last 10 hours but they cost $10 AUD for 114 batteries lol so close to 600 hours for $10 im not complaing seeing as a charger and batteries is $100 and then electricity so in the short term my way is cheaper but less convenient i guess, or more if you consider i dont have to charge them..... hmmm.... it would take 80 charges to make up the money i lose in the first place lol. only where the hell can i dispose all these batteries lol they are in my bottom drawer at the moment lol

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    I've used the original batteries that came with the wii-mote, then when they ran out, I replaced with them with super-duper rechargeable batteries! Yay! They last longer, they're rechargeable and they're good for the environment! And they make you smell better too!

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    smell... ?


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