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    Quote Originally Posted by Stagg
    Your sig is terrible. Do not make a thread wanting people to rate your sigs and then you come and bitch to them about it. Also "unplainer" is not a word, more ORIGINAL is. We should not have to tell you how to make them better other then "To much empty space" That is for YOU to fix, YOUR own way.

    My advice-Don't use paint, either buy photoshop or PSP or don't make sigs and expect them to be good with out being an artist.
    Or find Photoshop on limewire - FYI that's how i got mine
    By the way everyone uses differant styles with photoshop. I sort of like abstract/ pixel art/ sprites so im more into that not sigs...
    By the way wiicanchangetheworld- your sig isn't that great no offense. i think the person above here in the qyote is right don't use paint for sigs it looks horrible when done. and it is very hard to cut out images without a little bit of white pixels still there. In my opinion just do what i do save all your stuff on your computer onto a disk(or important stuff) And then download limewire and then look for a reasonable photoshop program that is downloadable and download it. save that onto a seperate disk and then get a CDKey for it. Once that is done you'll probably find some bad virus/trojan/spyware on your comp so reformat it
    Or if you are very good with computer and i mean good. Crack the software Or if you have a friend with it burn it :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by ssbb_lover
    I like your new Sig/Av MF.

    You also put that very well, great way to put it. I'm also a very novice sig creator, so when I get done w/ my next one i'll do one of these rating threads. I'm looking forward to your criticism.
    lol, thanks. These are actually quite old sigs and av's I'm sporting. I just finally took the time to resize them so I could comply with the sig and av limit of this site..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiicanchangetheworld
    Please rate my new MS Paint sig
    I know its Neopets but they were the only images I could find that are small enough.
    Thank You,
    i really like it but the 2 top creatures blend in to much, besides that:

    Everything in this signature except for this text was made by Wiired, he is my creator and almighty.

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    Thanks Sovieto, and thank you all for your help and ratings, and critizing my sigs

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