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    Thanks NateTheGreat, it seems like a good buy. I'll try and buy it sometime after the Wii. I love the feature that allows you to run as if it was wondows or linux. Sounds awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arcadium
    Whats the cost of a macbook right now?
    They run from $1100-$1500, and each can be upgraded. You can get them for a bit less you are a/or know a college student, but otherwise, that's about as cheap as they run. Go here to see the choices/prices.

    If you're more interested in the more expensive/more powerful MacBook Pro, they run $2000 and up, unless you're a college student, which lowers the price about $200 bucks and upgrades are also cheaper; choices/prices here.

    Seriously, don't upgrade the RAM through Apple if you can help it because they charge extra, so buy the RAM from a place like Newegg.com, but do upgrade the hard drive when you buy it, if you want, because you can install that yourself.

    I meant to say before, but I'll say it now: Do not, I repeat DO NOT BUY A MAC UNTIL AFTER AUGUST!!! These MacBooks are new and still have some bugs and also, Apple will be releasing their new operating system, Leapord, and if you buy a MacBook now, you will have to pay for the upgrade. If you wait, Leapord will come standard on MacBooks for no extra charge, so just wait until AFTER AUGUST!

    A good rule of thumb when considering buying a Mac is to wait as long as you can because Apple likes to make upgrades to their computers without prior notice, but after a certain point, you just have to bite the bullet and buy one.
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    Personally I can't stand the mighty mouse, but it's all personal preference. I just use my good 'ol wireless usb logitech mouse I stuck the mighty mouse into my old pc and installed the drivers, so when my friends come over they have to use it, and so far all of them hate it

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