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  • Xbox 360

    4 20.00%
  • nintendo wii

    14 70.00%
  • play station 3

    2 10.00%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Riviet
    There's an obvious bias... this is a Nintendo Wii forum.
    Lol yeh i agree. im sure if we went to a ps3 or a xbox360 fan site their console would poll first...... but since im going to buy the wii, i would of voted wii if the poll wasent closed =(

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    I'm quite sure this topic came up back in 2001/2002 when the current-gen consoles were released. Looking waaaaay back I'm pretty sure everyone hell ripped on the the Xbox saying how lousy it was and what a bad console it will be, then low and behold it became one of the most successful gaming platoforms of the current gen.

    One very important thing to remember is that the posters on forums like these unfortunately do not accurrately represent the masses. Being a Wii forum instantly makes for biased opinions, and naturally, as being a poster here any of us would hope for the Wii to be the most successful console of the next/new gen.

    I remember back in highschool we were always paying out on the xbox saying how stupid it is, its controllers and size etc but it somehow made it up there past nintendo. I only hope Nintendo has learnt from these mistakes... I imagine there are probably alot of gamers/potential gamers who arent posting on forums like this and their opinions on the next gen consoles are as valid as any of ours, the only problem is we just arent hearing them.

    Regarding this, I'm rather lucky in my line of work at a supermarket, I have alot of close contact with the public so I can really get an idea of what average people think about stuff like this, and so far i've sensed a fair bit of support for the PS3 (although I do spread alot of pro-Wii propaganda ) then again they're mostly middle aged people i'm reffering to here... I did meet one family who were all devout sony fanatics and were getting the PS3 no matter how much Sony was gonna rip them off, so I knew there was no convincing them there!

    maaaan ive gone way off topic... anyway... I hope the Wii will succeed. Nintendo needs it, because if it doesn't they might follow the fate of Sega and be reduced to a 3rd party developer for Sony and Microsoft *shudders* I'm not going to give the typical fanboy response and say "cuz xbox360 and playstation 3 suck" because they dont suck, they're decent consoles but have some real issues, even tho I abhor the works of Sony and Microsoft to some degree

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