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    Quote Originally Posted by NuFLo
    I havent been a moron, i have been a member of graphics forums for along time some of which specialised in just making sigs and battling them against each other. The kakashi one is a big improvement from the luigi sig an im glad you have taken an interest in sig making KCBLack.

    I can suggest a few graphic forums for you were you get critique and compliments by people actually doing graphics. If you wanna know more just pm me.

    I didnt make those sigs by the way KCBLACK i picked them from www.sigoftheweek.com which is the biggest sig of the week competition in the world.
    More amazing sigs lol. Do you have any really good C4D tutorials? I really don't know how exactly to use them. I know they're meant to be blended for added visual effect. And I recently joined the forum gamerenders. I hope to get much better with sigs and digital art in general there, as I'm finding I really enjoy it and may even consider a career in it someday. Although, I'm nowhere NEAR that good yet. :P

    Quote Originally Posted by Wiired
    Checked out that sigoftheweek site, and daaamn. The paintbrush ones make me wish I was as good with brushes.
    Edit : the day I learn how to do this type of sig, I will be a very happy guy :

    Always wanted to be able to do this, and do it well too.
    That's nice, but there's not too much too it. Just a C4D blended into the background a vector of Kanye West (although vectors are hella hard to do, @ least to me).
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    MOH:H2 Persona: KCBlack
    If anyone wants to play (total nub btw lol), just IM me and we can set something up.

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    I know the guy that made that kanye west sig, alot of the winners from sigoftheweek.com are members of www.nationalsigleague.com Which i was also a member of and a member of the sig crew and graphics crew. IF you visit the site you'll understand what im on about. It also has a Tutorial section made by members so check that out.

    I dont go there now as i dont really do graphics any more only to make a sig every now an then when i want one but the national sig league is the best imo. Especially for learning techniques and styles.

    KCBLACK, your new sig is your best yet. Heres a tut that my friend made from NSL. Hope it helps. http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/36894807/

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    but it was still nan over all good sig

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