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    Quote Originally Posted by Lethal
    Oh hell no thats not worth it. I build computers on the side and for that price I can build you an FX-60 with a ASUS A8N32 mobo, 7950 videocard, etc.

    Of course I get parts cheaper but I still think thats not worth it.
    Dude, I would LOVE to have someone give me 1400 and say, "here, take this and build me something nice". SWEET!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ImageFX
    go to newegg.com and price those same components out. Nowhere near that asking price.
    Exactly! Build your own computer. It's seriously not that difficult. Once you've sort of got the specs you want, perhaps go to like a local Best Buy and ask the geek squad if all the components are compatible and if they'd recommend anything else since a lot of them are PC gamers. That's what I did. This will give you knowledge about computers and money left over for games, apps, etc.

    Definitely go with a dual-core AMD processor, ATI graphics card, an ASUS or some other somewhat well known mobo for starters.

    Also, as I am a Mac-head, if you aren't an uber gamer (I hate using that word, uber) go with a an iMac or MacBook Pro. Macworld is in like 2 days, so they may even come out with something better.

    Oh, and perhaps try something other than Windoz if you do end up building your own rig. Ubuntu linux is a good operating system to try out; it's secure, fast, can run off a CD if you don't want to install it...oh and it's free.
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