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    Mario is biggest videogame franchise ever

    Didn't know where else to post this so.. sorry if it's in the wrong place.

    'A report on the 20 top-selling videogame franchises of all time has pinned Nintendo's Mario at the number one spot, with a total of 193 million sales worldwide.'

    The full top 20 list, with sales figures, is as follows:

    1.Mario, 193 million
    2.Pokémon, 155 million
    3.Final Fantasy, 68 million
    4.Madden NFL, 56 million
    5.The Sims, 54 million
    6.Grand Theft Auto, 50 million
    7.Donkey Kong, 48 million (centre)
    8.The Legend of Zelda, 47 million
    9.Sonic the Hedgehog, 44 million
    10.Gran Turismo, 44 million
    11.Lineage, 43 million
    12.Dragon Quest, 41 million
    13.Crash Bandicoot, 34 million
    14.Resident Evil, 31 million
    15.James Bond, 30 million
    16.Tomb Raider, 30 million
    17.Mega Man, 26 million
    18.Command & Conquer, 25 million
    19.Street Fighter, 25 million
    20.Mortal Kombat, 20 million

    'Published by The Independent, London'.


    What ya guys think then?

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    well of course, everyone knows who mario is!

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