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Thread: New RPG Project

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    New RPG Project

    I'm thinking of creating a new RPG project / forum, and in need of serious help. I ran RPG's before, owned couple of websites, coded many layouts and good in graphics design, so I am a little experience.

    But that doesn't mean I don't need help. I need:

    -Co-Owner: Owns and manages half of the RPG
    -Story Writer: Help me write the story of the RPG
    -Graphics designer/layout: Layout coder or graphics designer for the forums
    -Co-Administrator: Administers the forums, etc.
    -RPGers: Whoever loves to RP any kind of RPG's, who can help contribute to this project.

    If anyone is interested in helping, please PM me with a name, past webmastering experiences, and RPG experiences. Please I need help.

    This RPG story/name is not yet determined. Thanks for reading!

    NOTE: The RPG won't be posted in this forums, rather it will have its own.

    Finally, I got my Wii!!

    Current Games Own for Wii: LoZ:TP, ExcTruck, SuperMBBB, and Wii Sports!

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