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    Has any one got Jedi Academy (the 3rd one)

    Hi im getting it tommorrow after my friend as been naging me for over a year to get it. I want to join his clan but it turns out that my friend has to train me in the ways of the force, is this getting a bit to involved in the game i mean you push the button and it does the move simple right??

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    I own it and its a great game and enjoyable... but train in the ways of the force??? It does sound a bit weird. All you have to do is push the appropriate button (or scroll to the force power desired and hit the 'use force key').

    Good game though, you should enjoy it.

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    It's a daaaaamn cool game man

    If you want a bit of extra spice when you play (I'm assuming you have the PC version) download the "Bloody Dismemberment!" mod, it makes for some damn twisted fun - As the name implies, the game now includes blood, and swinging your Lightsabre at virtually any part of an enemies (or even friends for that matter) body will result in severed hands, heads, arms, legs etc.

    VERY fun after a hard day, but beware, if you're a righteous gamer, be prepared to see a horrid demise to your character at the hands of a lightsabre-weilding foe. Certainly NOT a mod for the faint of heart.
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