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    Quote Originally Posted by J-Tizzle
    Bros before Hoes my brother.
    If you were trying to quote the BustedTees.com shirt, I believe you failed; and in doing so completely changed the intended meaning of the quote...

    Personally, I think this one's funnier:
    ~Well, it's been the ruin of many a poor boy and God, I know I'm one ~

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    lol, that's a good one!
    wii are united, wii are one, wii will stand!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wiiwillstand
    i appreciate your help. I'm really not sure if it's worth losing my friend, but I just don't know when. I usually go to my locker after school (obviously) and lately she's been standing at the intersection of hallways right by my locker waiting for someone, and that's never happened before, or maybe I've never noticed. I try to tell her, I feel the need to say something, but I know if I move in while my friend is still there, then he'll definitley know! I keep telling myself that I've been through the worst "I told her" but I still get too nervous. How can I go back to her and confront her after what I did? I told her at the worst time possible, I told her when my friend was gone to florida. I think that's pretty bad for me, cause the fac that I'm doing it behnd his back is wrong, but I can't tell him. You wouldn't believe what he did to himself when she broke up with him, twice! And it's because of that that they're still dating! Now I'm wondering if it's a pity date, or actual love? ......now I'm all over he place, I still need a ton of help, sorry everybody if i'm wasting your time.
    bros b4 hoes

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