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Thread: Farewell :(

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    I, as my post count will testify, have not been here long but I can say in earnest that Lord_Haku was one of the people that made this forum great and welcoming. I certainly will miss him (I assume Lord_Haku is male 'cos of the "Lord" but with the internet who knows). And if we 800 "new guys" can be half the forum posters Lord_Haku was I can't imagine a better forum.

    Also ssbb_lover best of luck with Haku Gaming (Or will it now be ssbb_lover gaming?)

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    Sorry to see you go Haku, but I guess you have your reasons. Hopefully if you manage your time right like Marisa said you can pop by every once and a while.

    Sadly now September's almost here we're going to have more people leaving or having to spend much less time here (I start year 3 of university next month, so I'll probably have a lot less time to spare). Anyway, hope we see you again!

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    Awww *hugs* cya! Good luck with things. ^^;; hope to see you back!
    Money saved for the Wii so far:

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