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Thread: The Number 23

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    No i liked it better when i thought it was the wife and her friend thats how i would have liked the twist.

    thanks demonflair for the awsome sig

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    Meh, it was pretty bad. too rediculous and obvious, every number can be broken into series of 2s and 3s, it's a commonly known mathematical fact (as they are to two lowest prime numbers). To become obsessed with the fact doesn't really make sense. then again that wasn't necessarily the point. The twist was actually decent but really, it didn't save the fact that the movie was overwhelmingly average.
    It was only really good for killing some time.

    Worst line ever:

    "32...that's 23 in Reverse!!!!!1111one!"

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    The obsession with the number 23 is actualy in some cases a psycological dissorder. There ARE people like that.

    Personally I loved it, not as good as others in my collection, but I realy enjoyed it. If others didn't then it's ok with me.......to each his own!

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