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Thread: this sucks

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    WHERE AT?!?! Clearwater!?! Tampa!?!? Orlando? lol..

    anyway! im sorry.. :/ i had to do the exact thing... where do you live anyway?? are you driving down here? :'[ but you'll find friends down here too... [i hate florida though] i know it's hard...

    i have many reasons why i dislike it.. but i wont tell you because.. your moving down here...

    good luck x3
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    im moving to nowheresville, pa from cherry hill, nj and i have to leave my friends and nothing is near us unless you drive 7 miles. But im getta a new 250 4-stroke( not sure what brand) or an atv. so i guess that will keep busy, instead of crying in the corner of my bedroom because i wont have friends but oh well. and spicky keeps busy by blowing up microwaves with m-80's since fireworks are legal in NC.
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