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    Quote Originally Posted by MetroidZ
    theres quite a few 15 year olds.
    It's good to be 15

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    22 years of age. Don't hate on the ages. A gamer is a gamer no matter what. UNITY

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    16 wow I thought some of you guys were a lot older by the way you talk
    Lol, that's because we're not just childish bimbo's....at least not all of us*points at shadowtrooper*

    14 by the way Respect mine and everyone's opinions! This is wut brings us all together....
    Quote Originally Posted by Big_League_Slugger
    Super Moderator - PM me if you have any issues.

    We Want Young Blood.

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    17 here !

    Quote Originally Posted by ~Marisa~
    I find it interesting how all the 15 and under ages feel like they need to defend their "knowledge" lol You guys don't need to put something on there to prove your worthy of being treated older than 5 years old. We're not going to treat you like less of human beings just because of your age. And in return, we expect the same treatment.

    To whoever said "Over 20's get a life" I understand that you're just a child still, really, I do. But it's just another tale tale sign that the youth these days are being taught to disrespect people older then themselves. You're really gonna regret treating us that way when you're our age and you get the same thing back. That's part of life, though. Without us you wouldn't even have videogames.

    Which brings me onto my next subject which I'm about to make a topic thread about right now.
    Couldnt say it better.
    Shadowtrooper3823 or w/e are the numbers after your name, Gaming is for all ages... Since when is it only for kids?! If you go to Expos and Competitions, everybody there is 18+++. Anyway, im pretty sure all those ''Over 20's'' who should ''get a life'' could beat you at many many games... Well I would for sure! Even if im not 20+
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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowtrooper501
    im 12 and i think you over 20s should get a life
    Erm, I'm 21, I will be going to university in September and I most certainly have a life. Since where has this idea that gaming is for kids come from? I got into gaming when I was a kid (and much younger than 12!). It'd be funny that you've got a character which is at least 19 years old as your avatar, if it wasn't for the fact that you probably didn't know how old he really was, which just makes it kinda sad.

    Quote Originally Posted by shadowtrooper501
    i mean gaming is for kids like me not adults like you wirdos
    No wonder the media has got hold of the idea that Nintendo fanboys are rabbid, logic-deficient, arguementative kids with attitudes like yours.

    O, and by the way, please give some sort of response to this:
    18+ games.
    Brain Training.
    Perfect Dark (N64 original).
    Computer game magazine reviewers.
    Knowledge of who Reggie Aimes Fils is.
    The use of classic tunes from NES era being updated with Orchestra (like ones from Melee).
    Virtual Console.
    Buying the Wii and accessories with your own money.
    Turok 2 (N64 game).
    First time playing the original Mega Man games.

    Anyone who puts an age limit on gaming is putting an age limit on how old you can be until you stop having fun.

    Damn, pity there's posters like these around. Otherwise, this would be the one of the most accepting and pleasant forums I have signed up to (heck, it still is).

    Mail me if you want to add me on either the Wii or the 360.

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    Because if a simaler thred
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    Spoiler Alert!
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