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but you know what it is also? theres more to it than just being uneducated. for instance, my mom became religious late in life after my parents divorced. i was 16 (now 22). she sent me to jewish private school where A) i didnt know i was a friggen jew lol we never celebrated any of the holidays the right/tradional way and never followed it either. and B) i was failing HS and becomming a total drop out- summer school, failing grades ect.

ill tell you something i learned ALOT from my private school infact if i can do it all over agian id still go i loved it. and because of it, i get half the jewish jokes even more than before lol. if youve ever seen the "hebrew hammer" with adam goldstien, its classic! its your a-typical jewish neighborhood/family. if i didnt know that was such a spoof on religion, i would of never understood teh jokes.

also with borat. im romanian (well second generation) and borat took the gypsy thing to a whole nother level that had me rolling (gypsys were "exterminated" in WWII under hitlers commands).

like i said, its easy to point the finger at yourself FIRST believe it or not. when you can understand your own religion, you can laugh at it too from time to time, god will not punish you for a giggle at his own expense (think of when a friend hurts himself, you laugh!)

"although kaazakstan a glorious country, it have a problem too- economic, social and jew"- borat
Since you were educated about those things, you actually got those kind of jokes DUE to the fact of your knowledge, unlike many others. However, i was simply stating that such a simpe concept everyone should comprehend--is comprehended by so little people, and I;m glad you're one of them.