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    hi. there r 66 days until the wii comes out. i am going 2 get one on sunday, midnight, november 19th, 2006. there are 66 days till that day. some people might consider 66 an evil #. i do, because thats the number of days seperating me, from the wii.

    so, anyway, ive decided to do this countdown thing. i am going 2 hav 1 post on here each day (more if there is something really important). since the lounge doesnt get many threads, i should be able 2 keep it up 4 the 66 days.

    this is a sort of blog, except purley with wii imformation.

    i hope 2 make the days go by faster by doing this.

    please keep comments 2 a minimum. as a matter of fact, it would be better 2 make a whole new thread if u want 2 comment on this thread. btw if i ever have my math wrong on the days, please correct me


    day 66 mood: excited/ pissed/happy

    2day, i was well as all of u, learned that the wii is coming out november 19th.
    same day as the ps3. i was hoping it would come out sooner, but watever.

    wat sucks is that an extra controller costs 60$ 4 the nunchuck and the wiimote, but i guess its worth it. that controller is pretty cool, and worth the cash 4 an extra one. last week i preordered twilight princess, and 2day i tried 2 preorder the wii at gamestop, but apparently i cannot till next week. so i am gonna call every day starting sunday.

    i have a feeling that this is gonna be a long-assed 66 days
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    or...you could keep editing one post instead of making 66...
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    hate ta be the one to do this, but...

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    rodent just got owned

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