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Thread: Hack your iPod!

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    happy, uxcell.com

    read my thread on mp3/mp4 players!

    THREAD HIJACK!!!! lol

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    I have a 30gb white Video iPod, But i dont want to harm it since i only got it in feb. 190 quid it was , And i cant use the proper ipod leads for it, i have to use these gay ones that fit into my hearing-aids so i can listen to music.
    I will stop blabbing now lol, Ipod linux looks class though..

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_resi
    @Crovax, Yes but you cant play doom, halo, or halflife on the video can you? I i saved 400 dollars by buying a used nano from my friend, that being the iPod i watvh movies on

    hehehe.. i have no need to play something like that on an ipod....but whatever floats your boat...
    Death is certain, Life is not.

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