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Thread: Who uses a Mac?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ericlewis91
    iMac 20inch (intel core duo) moms
    mac pro 2.66ghz with 4gb ram and 30inch display and 1.5ter of storage(which is our multimedia center) and dads machine
    i have a macbook black 2.16ghz just got yest
    and sister has older blackmacbook 2ghz
    You bitch! I'm going to come rob you now.

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    I have a MacBook 1.83ghz dual core 1 gb ram. I think the extras you get with Mac are well worth the extra cost. Also, I paid 180 for the 3 year warranty and it's already paid for itself. Because I haul it to class all the time the cable started to fray and I got my free replacement the next day. I was also having a little problem with the screen, so they airmailed me a box with tape, padding and a airmail label and they had it fixed within 1 day. The whole thing took 3 days. Not only did they fix my screen but they noticed my dvd drive was having troubles taking dvds and replaced it. they noticed I had put a hairline crack in the palmrest and replaced the whole bottom case and replaced my wearing trackpad. I didn't mention any of that to them they just did it. Not to mention that iLife package and all the other nice software they package in. 10.5 is going to own.

    Also, Shift, and anyone else that thinks you can't do as much with your mac as you can with windows, I felt the same way at first. Things are just located differently but I've also found that if I can't do something I can bring up the Unix terminal and do it manually. It's a matter of changing the way you think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shiftfallout
    sigh, ignorance is bliss aint it. And yes I am referring to you. I did not come here to start a mac vs pc debate, nor is this the thread for it. The bias is so thick in here you could swim in it. Sadly mac fanboys are worse than wii fanboys.

    I will say this though, Gaz you are in lala land kiddo. Enjoy the world of make believe while your still young.
    well you should come join, it's lovely, i wasn't at all saying one is better than the other, i use both daily, designing and coding on mac, as well as coding on PC. i'm no fan boy, i've only been using mac's for a year. all i was doing was mearly stating truth from 'fact'

    Quote Originally Posted by Shiftfallout
    I wasnt talking specifically to you, your not as bad as a few of them on here.

    As for which has the better OS? That really depends on the user. The mac OS is far from perfect, Windows isnt very user friendly but can do a lot more. Its all about looking at the bigger picture. Ill be honest though, when I use the Mac OS i feel retarded, not because I dont know how to use it but rather it doesnt let me do what I can on windows.
    No operating system is perfect... Windows can do what it can do, mac can do what mac can do. they both do common tasks of an OS, and both do them well, each does other little things, you might feel retarded in OS X because it works differently, and all the short cut keys are different, but that doesn't make it any worse or better than Windows, it's different it doesn't come to you in 3 seconds of use. You can't compare windows and OS X, there designed from two different aspects, and are desigend to do things well. OS X is better at multi-threading and Windows is best for the old biddies as it's user friendly orientated.

    if you wanna say my name, say it, i really don't mind if you think i'm a fan boy, but please understand my point of view, not trying to say mac does this windows does that, just giving you one side of the story

    Quote Originally Posted by tank
    Gaz: you don't say much. But when you do it's always good.
    Quality not qunantity
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    Mac Expert.

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