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    I am in the U.K and believe me the majority of the people here did not want our troupes to get involved,not because we didn't want to support the American troupes but because we thought the war was unjust.

    The PM Tony Blair took a lot of stick over his decision and still does ,my view is we should never have gone in and waited for the UN to sort it out,if they couldn't only then should they have discussed going to war.

    Now *our* troupes are out there getting killed by road side bombs and snipers how the hell are they ever going to win?

    Quote Originally Posted by Gaz

    As mentioned before, iraq won't become WW3, because we're not fighting Iraq, just the 'terrorists' in iraq.
    You cannot fight terrorists they are invisible so at some point in the future both Bush and Brown (the new PM) will have to agree to withdraw our troupes.

    When we come out things are going to be worse over there than they were before we went in and then what?
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