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Thread: Summer Holidays

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    Ah, summer. Can't say anything interesting, I've never been out of this country, and I therefore don't own a passport, so it will be a long time before I can go off by myself, earn some money and go for a proper holiday.

    Sure, I've had trips in the UK, mainly boring ones, but I can't say that we have much to see. There's countryside, lots and lots of boring countryside. My mum thinks that because I'm from a city I'll apprictae country scenery, it gets boring in a few seconds.

    So, she still hasn't learnt her lesson and I'm going to Somerset next month for a week. My mum's friend has oh so kindly given us £300 to spend for no reason. It'll all be wasted on brickabrack. Bit late for Glastonbury, don't you think? ¬.¬;
    I love you, Adam.

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    I'm going back to where I came from! Which is... Finland!
    And I swear I'll murder whoever says or asks anything about it being cold there

    I might consider sparing those who ask wtf is Finland... But their Wii's wont survive! Muhahahahaaa!
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