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    Quote Originally Posted by ciper
    Which one?

    Dude you have a fuking dvd recorder and you didn't say so in the other thread. You made us answer all your messages and PMs and even over AIM and you conveniently forgot?! Jeese I feel like i was wasting my time.
    Actually I just found out I have one last night buddy. My sister didnt need it so my mom put it up in the attic.

    Quote Originally Posted by The_Loose_Cannon
    there are atleast 5 different skus for the plug. those 2 that ciper showed you are the most common......

    heres the site i looked up and found


    the 2 that ciper has posted are on here as well in the 610. series.....gosh its amazing from what you can remember
    Cannon, is there a RadioShack just on the outside? Like a little retail shop? I thought there was one near Target near me... Pensacola FL 32503.

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    what did i just miss here..............

    ETA_ look it up on radioshack.com

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    You missed him driving multiple members crazy at one time which first started in this thread http://www.wiichat.com/nintendo-wii-...video-wii.html then moved to PMs being sent to everyone and finally messages over AIM because he couldn't figure out how his Wii was connected.
    I know he contacted other members because we started to talk about it over PM. The thread is a little jumpy because of this.
    This just makes it more frustrating

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    i smell a lock then since i pretty much gave him all the answers possible

    thanks ciper- oh and FYI, go read that "last post wins" thread

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