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Thread: moving out

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    I'm 17 in 9 days and have no plans of moving out. Luckily I get along well with my parents (though they can get a little clingy) and can enjoy the free rent, food and be provided with great facilities. Even next year when I start Chemical Engineering at uni, I'll probably stay at home (Rental property prices in Perth atm are outrageous).

    As for your situation I hope it works out well for you what ever path you choose. Make sure you think every aspect of your plan through thoroughly and don't push away the helpfull advice of others.

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    I have to agree with Dakuda here though, there's lots of debts you'll be getting into. I've had this conversation with my mum, not wanting me to move out, I'll move out in my own time, and I'm not going anywhere being 16. But, anyway, we have one year free accomodation in university so there'll be no point.

    Think of what you have to do, have you really thought it out? There's lots of people in the world who wished that they had spent more time with their parents, solitude isn't that great either, fair enough if you're going to live in a city, but no one will be there for you to just chat to whilst watching the television.

    Okay, I said to my mum that I'd only have to pay electricity and stuff, but there's other expenses, I don't know how different it is in your country but I'm sure you'd have to pay for a TV liscence, and, y'know, internet connection. If something unsuspected happens, like your drain pipes explode I really wouldn't want to pay the people with money I've just scraped by to pay my rent.

    Rental prices are sketchy here, but I don't know about you, but there's things you can't buy away with money. Say if you get an unruly neighbour, how will you deal with it? Constantly annoying you, disturbing your studies, maybe you'll like living in that house in the middle of nowhere, with the comfort of people who'd do anything for you. Most of the time, your parents are right, and I suppose they know what's best for you, they know your personality. In fact, you should just get everyone to move out with friends for a month and see how it goes being lonely.

    But, if you do move out and it suites you, it could be a revolutionary change; it'd still make you damn poor though.
    I love you, Adam.

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