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    WiiChat Interviews

    All completed interviews shall be posted in this thread. If you have any questions and or feedback please try and keep it in the WiiChat Interviews Discussion thread, thanks.
    Interview Discussion
    Click on the users below to be taken to their interview.


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    Prez's Interview

    Syntax: How did you come across WiiChat?

    Prez: Well..Like many others, I was having trouble setting up my internet to work with the Wii.
    Wiichat just popped up on google.

    Syntax: Why did you choose the username Prez?

    Prez: It comes from my actual name on the internet, TehOnlyPrez.
    The origin of that though, comes from a stupid little inside joke from around grade 8.

    Syntax: What would you say your favourite section on WiiChat?

    Prez: That's a tough one actually..I like different sections for different reasons.

    Syntax: Now Prez you can only choose one

    Prez: lol..Well...If i had to choose only one, I would have to say the Site Feedback section.
    I enjoy being able to help people out with their problems. But also teach others about the do's and don'ts of the forum..

    Syntax: When i0n made you a moderator were you at all suprised or did you sort of expect it?

    Prez: Well, if anyone would like to search through some of my old posts, they would see that I was made a mod because of a certain thread I made. I saw that WiiChat needed direction, so I convinced i0n that it would be in everyone's best interest to make me a mod. So yea, expected.

    Syntax: What would you say is the toughest part about being a moderator here at WiiChat?

    Prez: Probably the fact that it's so repetitive. Random people always think they are right no matter what, and you get into huge fights with people when you are simply trying to tell them that what they did was wrong. This happens every day and never changes.
    Actually, although that part is tough, the toughest part may just be being able to take all of it, and not go mad on a power trip and ban everyone. You have to stay very subjective and not take things personally.

    Syntax: Must be tiring. What would you say is the most enjoyable part about being a moderator here at WiiChat?

    Prez: I would say the only enjoyable part is that there are actually people who understand what you do and why you do it. The repect factor ( as little as it could be sometimes ).

    Syntax: Always nice to hear a thanks from someone here and there.

    Prez: Of course.

    Syntax: What do you see in store for WiiChats future?

    Prez: To be honest with you, I was at one point excited for all of the new things that were promised for WiiChat's future. But due to reason's I really can't reveal, the future of WiiChat looks more bleak than ever right now. Of course that isn't to say that things cannot change.
    On another note about WiiChat's future. I see plenty more rushes of members. Pretty much every major event brings around a new wave of members. We are the number 1 wii forum and I see our forum definitely getting bigger and even more popular as time comes.

    Syntax: If you could change one thing about WiiChat what would that be?

    Prez: Probably more interest from a certain Admin...Lot's of us have great ideas that would make the forum a whole lot better. i0n is great, and obviously very busy, but I feel a bigger involvment from him would help make the forum better.

    Syntax: Thats for sure.

    Syntax: Name one member on WiiChat who you would like to get to know better.

    Prez: Gotta say no one.I'm a person who likes to keep my lives very seperate. Work is seperate from school, school is seperate from home, home is seperate from WiiChat, etc...
    I'm there to moderate the site and that's really all I plan on doing.

    Syntax: Other than posting on WiiChat what do you like to do during your spare time?

    Prez: Well, I work about 5 to 6 time's a week, because it's summer. That doesn't leave much time for hobbies. During school, it's only about school. I do play sports when I can. I'm a soccer player. I also spend lot's of time on the computer ( productively of course ). It's going to be my career some day. I don't really know what else to say, I'm not a very exciting person.

    Syntax: In terms of career what are you looking into?

    Prez: I'm going into computers for sure. The aspect I'm looking at right now is what you could call 'Security'. I'm going to University for programming and a course called "IT Security".
    It's basically what the less computer-savy people refer to as 'Hacking', although I don't like to call it that.

    Syntax: Sounds interesting. What one word would you say describes you the best?

    Prez: I don't really like describing myself like that. I prefer to let others judge.
    I am what you see.

    Syntax: Moving on.. random questions.. oh these should be fun

    Syntax: Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

    Prez: Nope

    Syntax: Have you ever kissed a picture?

    Prez: Not recently, but over the course of my life I'm sure I could of..

    Syntax: Have you ever danced in front of your mirror?

    Prez: Nope, not much of a dancer..

    Syntax: Ditched school to do something more fun?

    Prez: Yup.

    Syntax: There we go .. Which do you like better.. Night or Day?

    Prez: I would say my enjoyment is not really based on time..both can be fun

    Syntax: Thats all folks. Thanks for your time Prez Stay tuned next weeks interview features Wiired.
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    Wiired's Interview

    Syntax: How did you come across WiiChat?

    Wiired: Well, just like everyone else. I met up with my friend Google and he was like WOAAAH YOU WANNA KNOW STUFF ABOUT THE WII and I was like 'meh' and before you know it, this time last year I ended up here

    Syntax: Haha nice. How does it feel to have been a member for a year here at WiiChat?

    Wiired: It feels pretty good, knowing I could put up with it for so long you know? But it's a good excuse for me and =Manical+Maniac= (also joined the same day) to crave a bit of attention for the day..

    Syntax: If you can, name one thing you'd like changed here at WiiChat.

    Wiired: Oh lawd, don't get me started.. I'm surprised I'm not going 'get rid of the rep system noobs @@' but I feel having an active Admin would improve life muchly on the site (though getting rid of the rep would be a beautiful thing too)

    Syntax: Seems like a lot of people wouldn't mind seeing i0n post more often. What would you say is your favourite section here at WiiChat?

    Wiired: Hmmm... that's a harden, would have to be between the Design Lounge and Lounge for sure though... most likely the Lounge comes number one though

    Syntax: There always seems to be something going on in the lounge. Be it forum drama or various random threads.

    Wiired: Daaamn WiiChat drama.. E-Coronation Street at times (if your from America and don't know, Corries a soap )

    Syntax: Would you like to see anything changed about the Design Lounge or do you like it the way it is right now?

    Wiired: I think it's going pretty good, I saw alotta people start from scratch with graphics also.. even back when ssbb_lover's big-ass 800x800px Naruto collage as a sig. I just hope more popularity is gained with the SOTW, though I haven't been much involved recently..

    Syntax: Why is that?

    Wiired: Started off with a 'writers block' type thing, and I just found myself shovelling rubbish onto my Photoshop so decided to have a break... then a recent family issue took up quite a bit of my time also..

    Syntax: Thats unfortunate. What inspired you to become a signature artist?

    Wiired: Weeell I've always been into Art, and when looking for tutorials for the first time, I saw some amazing techniques and thought it would be a great thing to learn.. my next step is to get Wacom Tablet, start doing some real art on Photoshop

    Syntax: Awesome. How long have you been making signatures for?

    Wiired: Ironically a year today (August 8th) already had Photoshop for picture editing (though never used) and saw some signatures on WiiChat. Weren't exactly the best, but at the time I was thinking 'phwoaaaar ' and tried making one like that.. green Yoshi one.

    Syntax: Name one person off of WiiChat who you would like to get to know better?

    Wiired: Weeeell, though I see people on WiiChat as more of e-friends then real friends (sounds harsh, but it's natural), I've already got pretty good friends with a lot of people (mainly the ones I talk to on MSN), from DRMARIO to Sasuke747 (a member who no longer visits the site). But anyone I haven't already? Hmm.. no-one I can particular think of, I'm up for taking things slow

    Syntax: If you could choose one word to describe yourself what word would that be?

    Wiired: Buffstuff But naaah I'm not exactly one to describe myself, so I'll just say, I'm sociable

    Syntax: lol.. Other than posting on WiiChat what do you like to do with your spare time?

    Wiired: Well I love playing sports with friends, namely Tennis and Football.. I'm also a big fan of music, but we won't get there 'cause of the vast hatred of my music taste but other then that socialising mainly, whether its parties or hanging out, I'm easily entertained.

    Syntax: sounds fun. Have you ever left your house without telling your parents?

    Wiired: Left as in runnaway? No, I'm too angelic/petrefied to do so. Left to go down the shop? I'm not hardcore for nothing.

    Syntax: Have you ever gotten into a car with people you just met?

    Wiired: Sounds like fun, but not to my knowledge

    Syntax: Have you ever been suspended from school?

    Wiired: I haven't I don't see the point in having a laugh and stuff.. then getting caught kids need to be more subtle..

    Syntax: Have you ever pole danced?

    Wiired: Have you?

    Syntax: Thats not the question *wink*

    Wiired: Fine ... our survey says yes.

    Syntax: nice :P Th.. Thatt..s Thats All Folks.. Thanks for your time Mike

    PM me if you need anything...
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