Well, I haven't played diablo2 Non expansion (the disc is version1.03 idk if theres any significance in telling that since u can just install patches whenever u want but i just felt like putting that in i guess) in a while and my friends started playing it so i have wanted to but the last few times i did my dad said the connection to our internet started to fail more often and uninstalled it (right in the middle of a meph run -.-). I had patch 1.11 and it was working fine then my dad came up. The first time it broke the internet company said it may have been our ethernet card...I am not sure though what Useast servers would do to it. My friends play it and nothing happens but when i went to my friends house and we went onto my acct the next day the connection failed?? Could it be my account (i know that sounds silly but its the only thing i can think of) If anyone else have encountered a connection fail in diablo 2, Please tell me.