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    Quote Originally Posted by AndThen?
    We MySpacers don't think that MySpace is the "best thing in the world". But come on, it's just a website, why all the flaming? It's like WiiChat, but way, way, way bigger. I enjoy making my MySpace and looking at my friend's - or even just other people at school's - MySpaces. I don't have the attitude of "i look good, and every single person in the world is worse than me", I just like having a MySpace account! It's a good way to keep in contact with people from school when outside of school. People that, if not for MySpace, I wouldn't be in contact with.

    MySpace is a "place for friends" and I really don't see what you have against people enjoying themselves on MySpace. Sure, you may not like it; and sure, you may not have an account; but that is no reason to go around saying "anybody who uses myspace is a low-life".
    Just a website, eh, heh, you're one of those people who take the internet lightly and think that it doesn't influence us, aren't you? WiiChat is a forum, it's for conversing, your littlre profile page doesn't match up to MySpace. It's a popularity contest to have the best profile on MySpace.

    Haven't you heard of MSN?

    I have never enjoyed anything on MySpace, there's too much advertising for me to make my way past, and there's immature 12 year olds logging on for an ccount. There's thousands of photos of the same image from a different angle, I really don't care if you have a new emo haircut. Have you seen what MySpace has done to people? It's established its own internet language, and I bet j00 use it. It's pathetic.

    They've managed to destroy our language to the core and even add little unnecessary hearts to the equation. I don't know about you, but my definition of bulletin means I have to care about it, ever night or so there's about 20 people saying "going 2 bed now xxx <3 xxx" when no one should ever care. They're abusing the system, a bulletin is something you want to tell everyone, like "Hey, I'm an aunty!" but no, you'd rather inform me that you just bought a new bag to match your socks, fine.
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    I prefer Facebook over MySpace for several reasons:

    1) All of my friends use Facebook while only a few have Myspace accounts.
    2) There is less advertising on Facebook.
    3) I love the fast loading and great layout of Facebook compared to the horrible layout and mess that some people have their profiles in.
    4) The applications platform on Facebook is awesome.
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    One would have to agree though myspace is great for bands, either getting their start or letting fans know whats happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sumn0ob
    So all we have to do to become mods is be online all time I can do that on break which is now

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    myspace still sucks.....................................

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