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Thread: Metroid MOVIE?

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    Gwyneth Paltrow would do the job I think. Out of all of these girls. But you need kind of a rough girl. Like the one in Alien (original), I forgot her name. She was the one that had her hair shaved.

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    This has been said before and a few bits and bobs have emerged like the rights to the film, but I doubt the film will be good anyway if it does get made in the end. Hardly anything has been mentioned since 04', wikipedia even said it is in production hell.

    Now, Hitman has trailers and such released and looks like a great film and the prince of persia and devil may cry one's will also be great. The Halo film will also suck in my opinion but yeah in that list there is some films that I am excited about, I knew about most but there was some that I havnt heard about, thanks.

    Ahh, Alien, awesome film, the girls name you are looking for is Miss Sigourney Weaver (Ripley, the lead role in all 4 films). I think that is the one you are talking about?

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