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    Thanks, and yeah it says alot about their pasts, or thoughts...and now that you have posted that, I can post the final chapter finally, here it is:

    Chapter 4: Ambulant Remdemption

    For indefinite amounts of clouds, suns and moons, the 6 past infant friends from distinct tribes would permanence under the domain of those cruel beasts, they met other prisoners from other tribes like their new friend located beside Xinté’s cell. He claimed he was from the Chalbea tribe, and he was eating plantains when they caught him, he is accustomed to that new kind of life, but he is willing to escape.
    The beasts would often feed the prisoners after standing in front of them watching them closely, “Why?” the imprisoned tribes would ask, “they want to eat us as we are fattened” would reply other prisoners. The food they feed them is like poison to them, it has no form, no good taste, it hardly can be called food, but without it, they would be dead. Licheca is the only one who cleverly dissimulates to eating her given food, but she hides it and refuses to eat it thinking it’s a trap to kill her and the others, and for that, she has become rather slim, soon she could die.

    “How long have you all been here?” asks Xinté to the imprisoned strangers.
    Nobody seemed to respond to the ever-questioning Xinté, and would rather shush him in their frustration towards him. Then a quiet, sad prisoner spoke for the first time. “My brother, I claim to be the one who has seen arrivals and departures most times.” He was a relation to Xinté’s tribe, his body did not concur with the volume of his head however, and his neck was rather long, he would blame the beasts of his proportionate distortion. “What is your name?” asks Xinté, “My name I will not reveal for I do not want my family and friends to know I am like this, to see me like this. I am known as ‘«*╠²√Ö’.” Xinté did not understand this language; neither did any other prisoner there. «*╠²√Ö’ explained that is what the beasts have called him ever since he changed, in the beast’s language, the prisoner’s nickname would mean “deformed” but the prisoners had no idea, but Deformed has been there the most and has learned of their language at least to be repeated, and their ways. Deformed told them all that nothing could be done to escape, the only element would be ultimate strength or a hard, shining insect’s leg to open cells. The beasts seemed prepared, for they would not let the prisoners attempt any kind of escape.
    A new day has begun, in each of the prisoners’ faces, agony and anguish could be noticed. And so the beasts entered, they particularly approached the Chalbea native and gave him a plantain, he looked surprised and excited, he rapidly peeled it and noticed quite a difference from the jungle plantains, but he ate it with no remorse, the beasts departed the chamber, and as soon as they left, every prisoner yelled angry at him “what blajiriam is with you having good food?!” “This is unfair!!” “can I have a bite, pleeease?” but the Chalbea native ate it entirely and was satisfied with a happy face. Deformed didn’t seem to care but he smirked slightly, Muñiña was now completely recuperated from the shock and was just sitting there without talking, Licheca kept trying to escape via brute force, and Tekhorii’s face was still covered and it couldn’t be said if he was sane or not, Xinté kept examining everything inside the now familiar chamber.
    Another day passed, Xinté woke up to find an outrage in the chamber; everyone was shouting angrily, cursing, trying to get out of their cells. And then everything fell silent as the Chalbea native grunted and shouted the loudest as he revealed that his eyes have changed, they looked red for the veins accumulated around his Iris, and his rage was incomprehensible to all since he was never that violent. “Why have not the beasts come?” asked Xinté surprised. “This day, they leave us be…You already should know that.” After much more rage and violence from the Chalbea native, he was calm and slept hiding within his limbs. Xinté noticed how the plantain changed him, and Deformed already knew it would happen, but it surprised him how different the effect was from other victims.
    And yet another day was dawning, the Chalbea native was in the same position; it looked as if he didn’t move at all. The beasts entered and approached him once more, they pronounced him dead after tactile motions strange to the prisoners, and the beasts were willing to take him out the cell, when they opened it with the insect’s shining leg, the Chalbea growled while suddenly revealing his face full of foam that grew from his mouth, and he violently bit the beast that opened the cell, penetrating deeply into its upper limb’s skin mounting and grasping it tightly. The beast yelled in agony as it tried to get the Chalbea off, the other beasts helped and soon stabbed the Chalbea with their typical weapon. The bitten beast seemed to have changed skins, but the bite was deep and would hurt for much time.

    The Chalbea was now in a different cell; it was bigger, but he had strange tight things that would not let him move, but he didn’t notice since he was sleeping since that incident.
    Every night they could hear Oruba’s cries, but for some reason, not that night, and Conito was nowhere to be seen and no one had an idea if he even was alive still. Muñiña didn’t quite know what was going on, but she didn’t want to ask or find out, it would only make her cry more.
    That very night, the beasts entered, there were two; one of them looked different, its face…it quite couldn’t be explained by the prisoners, it had something that looked as if it was going through its head, it also had a sort of plant in one hand and in the other a stick, but the other looked normal. They began speaking rapidly, no one could understand for the beasts’ language was that of horrendous sounds in many tones. If one were to translate to them, however, it would say something like this:
    “Yeah, all right…it’s all secure…they’re ready to be exported, I’ll make sure they load them.” Said the beast to the air as its encrusted in the head thing made noises “Sorry, sir…I meant we’ll umm do it personally.” “Remind him that we’ll keep the deformed for more reflex and brain examinations.” A second beast said to the first beast with its usual muffled voice. “Yes, sir we’ll make sure tomorrow mornin’ they load them in a special truck…oh yeah, yeah we’ll do it personally, sorry….The cargo will consist of an Equus asinus…female Donkey…, Testudines emydidae…male Box Turtle…, Ornithorhynchus anatinus…male Platypus…, Lepus pronolagus…,female Hare…, Soricomorpha soricidae…female Shrew…, and Felis lynx…yes a male Lynx. We have had them for 3 years now and we think they’re umm unique ‘cause we found them all together outside the industry, trying to either cross a street or get inside the forest…or maybe they came from there..Yeah, the donkey-t-the Jenny was with them it’s also confusing for us, but we have been taking her to help with cargo and such to examine her strength and health, she brays a lot though, something’s wrong with her, at night we can’t shut her up….yeah…and we have the platypus under exhibition for kids and such…Listen, we had a problem with one particular animal: the monkey; we gave him the injected banana that supposedly would make his muscle volume bigger, but he instead got some kind of a new virus unknown to us or something…no, it’s not rabies, the monkey bit Thomas and he now has hair all over his face and his eyes are red all the time and he barely can move...Of course, Mr. Palomo”

    Later that night, in the skies full of smoke, a rebirth of a familiar friend to the past infants, an eagle, was flying rapidly at its maximum velocity, it was Vatlin with a sight directed toward the industry, where he could hear Oruba’s brays, he was close and he guided himself with her help, he arrived at Oruba’s little stable outside the industry. “Oruba!” yelled Vatlin “I will take you out of there!” he begins to destroy the stable doors with his powerful talons and beak. “The beasts…are everywhere, if I would have known where your destination was…I would have warn you immensely to not go near the edge of the forest…I just thought you were playing. I am deeply sorrowful.” “Thank you for coming to rescue us.” Oruba responded quietly and sadly. Vatlin contemplates Oruba’s sad look and begins to fly upwards as he says to her “It is incredible the power of the beasts to fill us with fear.” And he flies far from the industry only to return as a furious ravage that ends up breaking the exhibition glass where Conito is imprisoned, he also destroyed the glass where the experimentations are held, and with the sudden outrage, and the Chalbea’s newfound violence, the Chalbea is released and instantly he bites all of the beasts until they bleed and even manages to rip skin off of two, they injected him with tranquilizer but would no longer work. Vatlin gouges the eyes out of each of the beasts that approach him, and liberates the rest of the prisoners some way or the other, he grabbed both Muñiña and Licheca in each of his talons, and they fled but more beasts started to appear and the Chalbea took them all, biting them, “Exit now! I will hold them for you, exit!” he yelled at them furiously, and all of them hardly made it back inside the forest.

    In the infants’ village inside the forest, everyone has their minds made about the infants’ deaths… But after that morning and the next, when all tribes were united, grieving of their deaths, suddenly there appeared an eagle far on the horizon and seven figures begin to appear on the ground walking towards the spectators, six of the figures more mature, for they are adolescents now, and now they know the truth of the unknown, the other one is Deformed from the Messun tribe(Domestic cat) and Vatlin in the skies is from the Eros tribe(eagle). Everyone was happy and excited to see them all alive and well and quite surprised, too, but then it became clear.
    After a while, tree monuments were made dedicated as a tribute to the 6 adolescents and Vatlin, and they gave them each the following honorary titles:

    Oruba the dame of intelligence
    Tekhorii the knight of the wise
    Conito the guardian of strength
    Licheca the heroine of ambition
    Muñiña the princess of nobleness
    Xinté the warrior of bravery
    Vatlin the sky rescuer
    And the mysterious Chalbea as the Chalbea defender

    And the 6 adolescents of different tribes remained very united, and as they became adults, they were the leaders of the forest at the east of Vanayún, where now every tribe would live together with no absurd laws. Everyone was ready if the beasts would invade the forest. And Tekhorii would remind them “Divided we fall, when united we stand.”

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