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Thread: Planting Trees

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    Planting Trees

    Trees are an integral part of a good residing area. The environment and the place in which one lives greatly influences the way of living of that person. A neat and tidy surrounding, full of greenery elevates the senses and enhances the quality of life. The quality of life coalition was developed with the aim of making Houston, a greener and healthy place to live.

    One of the main strategies of the quality coalition is to plant as much trees as possible. In an urban environment, the trees clean and cool the air, buffer sound and wind, offer animal habitats, and shade and beautify our environment. Not to mention the support they bring to swings, hammocks, and chimes everywhere. Trees not only brighten our home town, they increase property values, lessen noise, and lessen the urban heat island effect.

    The Quality of Life Coalition supports the forestation of freeways under the Texas Department of Transportationís Green Ribbon Plan as the most cost-effective way to change the way the Houston region looks from the road. It works to protect existing trees on streets and to plant more of them. It also supports tree planting and landscaping of toll roads and of all public building projects. Some of the cherished members of the coalition include Dick Weekley, of the Weekley development committee, Ann Lents of The Center for Houstonís Future, Charles E McMahen of Compass Bank shares, Bill Coats of Coats, Rose, Yale, Ryman & Lee, among many others.

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    although i'm concerned about the environment, don't join a video game forum to make 1 post just for that

    the mario that's roomed with mush
    my wii is not connected to the internet, so i can't play brawl online for a bit....please do not spam inbox with friend code requests

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