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Thread: Snow!

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    I wish it was snowing so I could have an excuse to were my Volcom Sweater ..
    _December 19th, o8`_
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    Lolz, I live in Newfoundland, winter is awesoe, we often miss 2 -3 weeks total cause of storms. Last year there was a blizzard and in the morning it was still blowing a little. I opend the front door and I was almost burried in. I got out through a small hole, walked across the lawn and well i fell off the edge of a drift about 15 feet. it really hurt So I went looking for out second car, the first one was parked down the road but no second car. i looked we we thought we left it and when it stopped blowing, DAD found it under 6-10 fet of snow. Ski Doos were getting stuck and entire roads were burried and blocked. school was closed for 2 or 3 days. It was aweosme. you can pm and question if you want
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