Well if you haven't already heard of Sword of the New World, (Which you probably havent) it is a MMORPG game set in the 1800's (or as I like to call it the "elegant era"). This game lets you control three people at once. Your a "family" as they call you.

Presentation: The UI is all neat and tidy yet not space consuming. The menus are nicely put together. The skills are on all neatly packed below health and magic bars. You are never cluttered. They found a good way to fit a good amount of info in a small amount of space. 8.5/10

Graphics: I have to say that the graphics are absolutely stunning. The character models are amazingly done with every detail. The environments are deffinetly top notch. Trees, water, buildings, benches, sidewalks, everything looks amazing. Sometimes I just find myself taking the scenic route alot just to look. 9.5/10

Sound: One of my favorite parts in this game. As I said before this game takes place in the "elegant" era. The music in this game blew me away completely. The catchy tunes from each place get stuck in your head but in a good way. Its composed really well. The jukebox feature just makes it even better. 10/10

Gameplay: Well this is kinda a let down but not too much. The game features different types of modes. For instance you can tell your family to go to the point you selected and attack every enemy they see on there way there. Or you could tell them to move to a selected point and collect every item they find on there way there. Now this gets very useful, but very boring. You find yourself doing this: attack, collect, attack, collect over and over but as you advance through tougher enemies it gets more intense so dont worry too much. Now lemme say something about the stance system. Each class (musketeer, fighter, scout, elementalist, and wizard) has it's several types of stances. For example a musketeer has a kneeling shot stance, and standing shot stance, a pistol stance, a duel pistol stance, a bayonet stance, and so on as you unlock them throughout the game. This makes it more interesting and fun to fight. Also they have "special" character cards that you obtain through quests. You can have certain NPC's help you out in battle. 7.5/10

Miscellaneous: The quests in this game range from very dull to exciting and story-line based. Half of them are very dull. Dont worry though because those will be easy since they are the beginning ones. Also these is a pose system used to make characters look like there hugging or giving a high five. This makes it fun to take screenshots like these. 8.5/10

FINAL SCORE:9/10 (not real average)