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First attack
Worlds largest arcade cab

The folks at G4 networks Attack of the Show are vying for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records tonight with a 13 foot arcade console that they believe is the world's biggest. Is that big enough to set a world record? You can find out tonight when AOTS airs at 7pm and 11pm EST. With any luck the segment will reveal some more specs on the machine —and if you are really lucky Oliva Munn will flip out and start kissing every woman in the studio.
The news is quite old

But its a

Even thow I wont be able to get such a thing in my flat (this massive sofa was hard enoth)

Hit two

Man Fits Home-Made Gaming System to IKEA Dining Table

Eric Gradman built his own MAME gaming system from a 15-inch LCD, Happ controls and an Ultimarc I-PAC, and fitted it into an extendable dining table that he bought from IKEA. "There's always someone who doesn't feel comfortable around large groups of people, and so he sits at the table playing video games," he says. The full photo-set is on Flickr

Damn its still a want
I need a new table

Third attack

Giant NES controller houses normal, working NES

Video on the link
Here’s a giant NES controller for your amusement. It has a working Nintendo Entertainment System inside of it. The buttons on the big controller are functional but due to its size, you need a friend to help you navigate around the Mushroom Kingdom. Sounds sort of fun, no? Maybe it’d be a hit at some sort of party.
I seem to remember finding something a few years ago that was basically a normal size NES controller (actually maybe it was an N64 controller) that had a bunch of old NES roms loaded onto a chip inside the controller. You just hooked it right into your TV and started playing all your old favorite games. Now that was a good idea.

Forth hit
(this one EPIC)
Our newest arcade features the largest screen available on any home arcade, 120-inches. It comes loaded with games, has a Music Jukebox and works like a home theater. It features over 145 pre-installed games and a removable control panel. Each arcade comes with a wireless Wii adaptor so you can play your favorite Nintendo® Wii games on the big screen.

It sucks being poor
Somebody lend me a few (hundred) quid

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