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Thread: Chrono Series!

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    Chrono Series!

    Hello people!
    Yea i was playing Chronotrigger [Trying to pass the time for wii] What a great game I think its the... 5th time i play it -_- Anywho i forgot the story and now i restarted playing it... Then i saw the ending animated for PSX version... And then i remembered that the baby at the end was actualy the kid.. Named Kid in Chronocross! [Like ZOMG!!] Anywho The point is that Chrono series is really having alot of lose ends that weren't answered...
    Anyone Play both chrono games? [Chrono trigger & Chrono Cross]
    [Great Series, i think IGN gave Chrono Cross a 10. And chronotrigger hasn't been rated due to it being on SNES]

    Goodies i uploaded:
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