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    Quote Originally Posted by yungblood6
    ive seen a footy game and you guys get to fighting in almost all of them so to say its just a spark to the event is right lol. you guys take that sport way to seriously as well as other countries. i would never attend one of those ill have to shoot some one at the end.lol
    No if you read what i have said coming into the fight i could have cared less who won the fight but it wasnt untill the disrespect in the begining that i even took the fight seriously, but no i don't take it that serious to go beat the shit out of another fan just because A. he is from another country. and B. he roots for the other team. which is the case that you see in most euro football games.
    It's not always fighting! It used to be worse, but that's the extreme of it. The authorities have cracked down on hooliganism pretty well in recent years, well in England anyway. A lot of the problem is police though, especially in Italy. Of course, the behaviour of the fans doesn't help, but the reaction of the police makes it ten times worse.

    The seriousness that people take the sport make it so good I believe, as it is almost a matter of life and death (in some cases it can be - stabbings, shootings, etc), but the emotion brought out in people over football is something that is hard to find anywhere else, and I love it!

    But I'd definitely say that within England it isn't that bad any more, it's a lot worse elsewhere, like Italy. There's almost a civil war going on there because a policeman had been killed, and a fan accidentally shot dead by police. That caused over 200 fans to storm a police barracks, and Italian football was in a critical state. More recently, yesterday in fact, Roma fans stabbed five Man Utd fans. I am led to believe that it was the Man Utd fans who went looking for trouble, but on a personal note, I couldn't give two f*cks about them because I f*cking hate Man Utd!

    Anyway, footy is brilliant!

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    I was rooting for Hatton.
    But he was out classed, outboxed
    and Mayweather proved he is the best pound for pound boxer in the world.
    Hatton needs to drop back to his proper weight.
    or retire. As he has no more to Do or Prove
    Mario strikers code. 476853 243118.

    Sports. Play. Super Mario Sunshine. Raving rabbids
    Table tennis. Fifa 08.
    Carnival. Rapala tournament fishing.Endless ocean (not really a game). Mario galaxy. Olympics. Links crossbow training. Super paper Mario. Playground. Winter sports 2008

    V.C. Mario Kart 64. Super Mario 64. Legend of Zelda

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    sry young blood i wasnt talking to u m8
    PS3 now, sorry Wii. You gather dust.

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