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    VC Gift Exchange Thread

    Ok now no flaming peoples

    Find a friend who is trustworthy on this site and you both can determine what price of game to exchange with one another.

    Rules -
    1) No Spamming "I want a game give me for free"
    2) Find Someone you know and trust! (can't stress this enough)
    3) Pre-determine the of points you will be spending. (isnt fair if he buys a N64 game and you buy a snes game.
    4) Tell them what type of games you like or such, dont pick out stupid games like Echo-Dolphin or other complete failures as games.
    5) Once you have traded rate eachother on the game you have gotten.
    6) No crying if you get scammed . I hope nobody does but gl hf

    Also ill trade with people i know if you want to. Ill go up to 500 points since i have these as extra, and im getting 2000 more hopefully this weekend.
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    I was thinking of this same idea...I didn't know if anyone would be interested or if it is a bad idea. But yeah, I'm down

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