This my fanfic dbz: alentent universe
Chracters are: Jason,7
Lita 7 ( two months younger than Jason)
Timothy 8( turned 8 5 mounths ago
"What do you guys wanna do "? said a bored Jason
"We could stuff ourselfs in the snack room" Said Lita
"Yeah, but we did that yesterday" said timothy
"Ok wanna go to the movie room?"suggested jason
"later'' said timothy
" we could play outside" said Lita with her purrple eyes shinning
"ok"Said Jason and timothy
Once outside , the trio heard a big noise
" what was that" said jason swetting
" Not only that our hoverboards just got stolen!"Yelled timothy
Whats happening... were frozen said jason
"Lita ! watch out!
Lita got stabbed
Super saiyan 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 yelled Jason
Just like a flash of lightning Jason did his grandfathers move dragon fist
Dragon fist! yelled Jason and Goku!