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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaded
    Well I got the perfume "Lovely" by Sarah Jessica Parker. and I got warm vanilla sugar lotion/body spray/bath gel from bath and bodyworks..Also, got some essential oils from Young Living with my Christmas money..forgot to mention that lol..I got like $500 in cash. I bought the essential oil blend called Abundance. I was going to buy one called "White Angelica" but they were sold out..very expensive too. So, maybe next time lol.

    Anyways my absolute fav. perfume is made by Coach. And my fav. lotions are anything with herbal extracts..I'm a strong believer in the power of new age medicine. and vanilla scents..lavender..gardenia..
    Awesome about the perfume. I don't think I've smelled that yet, but I tend to love celebrity fragrances. My favorite perfumes are Curious, Curious In Control, Fantasy and Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears, haha. I love vanilla too...so jealous you got stuff from B&BW, that's my favorite place and we don't have it here. I'm trying to get one of my American friends to send me as many of the Temptations collection lotions as possible. I'm obsessed. I was in NY a few months ago and bought Cinnamon Bun Heaven...o-m-g.

    I got a random present today, 32" LG HDTV. NOW I will admit I'm spoiled.

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    That's cool. And yeh B&BW rocks! That's a bummer they don't have it there. They even have outlet stores here for B&BW so sometimes you can get them cheaper than the actually stores. Maybe when we get to know each other after sometime I can send you some or something. A nice tv huh? That's awesome. We have 2 HDTV's. I have a 37 inch hooked to the Wii. And a 27 inch hooked to the XBox 360 Elite. So, we are good to go. Just need 2 more HDTV's for 2 more bedrooms and I'll be set

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