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His parents bought the Wii for his Christmas present I presume, he did not buy it.

Unfortunately as already pointed out you cannot simply send the Internet Channel without the giver having to pay the 500 points. My suggestion would be to try and find a Wii Points card if your parents don't want to use there credit card. Good luck finding one!

Can we be a tad nicer?
What I meant was that the giver of the present shouldn't find another five dollars as an issue. There must be one family member JUST ONE willing to give him five dollars. If they're not able to, I have no idea what the circumstances are past the point of him needing the 5 dollars but even if one family member couldn't give him 5 bucks, Ask FIVE family members for ONE dollar each.

Seriously, there is no excuse for him going online and asking for free internet.

Btw I don't think any of us are really being "mean". We're using common sense to help him out...Just a little bit more harshly