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    Mobies get a Nunchuk (a bizzare where dose it go topic)

    Nintendos lawers are on stand by

    Its nice to have a seperate controller for mobie games but dosent that kinda stop moblies bein mobie

    Phones aren't designed for games, and that's why most mobile phone games are rubbish (apart from the Doom RPG). But the age of truly terrible phone game controls could come to an end soon, as a Nunchuk-like controller for mobile phones has been given the go-ahead.

    Peripheral company Zeetoo has created a dedicated gaming controller for mobiles, named the Zeemote, which hopes to make playing on your phone far better.

    Using Bluetooth to connect to your phone, the device has an analogue stick, buttons on the reverse, all in a body that's shaped uncannily like the Wii Nunchuk controller.

    Zeetoo even has a motion sensing version of the controller in the prototype phases, and another with a tracker ball. Motion-controlled tennis on a packed central London train should be interesting.

    Zeetwo's analogue device already has the support of phone manufacturers Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG, and game developers Sega Mobile, Fishlabs and Reaxion (and others), and has secured $6.9 million funding (around 3.5m) to put the Zeemote into production, according to Pocket Gamer.

    It sounds cool, but surely people who care enough about videogames to want a dedicated analogue controller will buy a DS (or five).
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    No, and that won't look awkward while you're on the bus. Bad idea I think, doesn't seem particularly useful to have something like that for a cellphone. You're supposed to make calls, not be that involved in a game.

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